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Hello, I’m Piotr Nurzynski. I’m physician from Poland. I was doing Radiology residency, but I quit it after discovering it is not what i want to do. Then I became intrested in chronic diseases and lifestyle changes – nutrition, exercises, supplementation etc. I started to read a lot researches about fibromyalgia to help my friend, but nothing what we tried seemed to help. By accident I listened to Dr Howard’s podcast with Dr Rangan Chatterje and thats how I became intrested in psychosomatic medicine. I’m very happy I joined this course because I feel its a big blind spot in mainstream medicine. I see many people with that kind of problems around. I used to have strong backpain, which I now see was clearly psychosomatic. I will try to use this knowledge to help couple of people and see where it goes. Thanks to Hoaward and Alicia for making this course and for the additional stories and insights from all participants.