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Hi Rachel,
I appreciate your thoughts about the video. I have found these ideas transformative and what has been missing from the medical paradigm. I have a bit of time in the Kaiser integrative clinic where I work with patients in this capacity. Being Portland OR people are probably a bit more open to these ideas. Most patients land in my office having no idea what I do. I have been doing this work for a bit over a year. About 50% of the patients roughly are on board with the ideas and very grateful to hear about them. Maybe 20% are somewhat open to them, but they don’t entirely make sense initially. Some stay with me despite not believing it because they literally have exhausted all other options. I’d say less than 5% things its bunk and move on.
I work in cross cover for primary care as well. In that context the numbers are a lot lower. But I still bring it up a lot and have many people very excited about it and follow up with me in the integrative clinic. In that setting, I generally toss out a nugget about the idea in general and see how they respond before I go too far. I say something like ‘there is new science that understands these symptoms in a different way through the lens of the nervous system. I work with patients with this new science. Are you interested in hearing about it?” I explain just a little bit at a time feeling their reaction out. If they are not interested at all, I follow the party line and prescribe some sort of med that probably won’t help them :). I would be happy to talk more specifically anytime.