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    David Schwarzdschwarz

    Louis Gifford wrote a paper on a model he developed called the mature organism model (he has some books on this as well but last I heard, they may be out of print). For myself, it has been a nice functional model for describing to people the momentary adaptations with stimuli, fear, pain, and behavioral feedback responses that Dr. Batson was discussing. I thought I would share in case it is helpful for anyone else.

    Louis Gifford,
    Pain, the Tissues and the Nervous System: A conceptual model,
    Volume 84, Issue 1,
    Pages 27-36,
    ISSN 0031-9406,
    Abstract: Summary
    This paper challenges current clinical models and systems for assessing and managing on-going pain states to incorporate a broader biological and therapeutic framework. Included is an acceptance of the current criticisms made towards a purely tissue based/modality based paradigm for pain treatment. The mature organism model proposed is presented as a workable conceptual starting block for incorporating mechanisms of pain into the broad science of stress biology and the biopsychosocial model of pain.
    Keywords: Pain; biopsychosocial aspects of pain; stress

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