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    Dear Alicia, dear Howard,
    yesterday in the session it really struck me when both of you were quite adamant regarding the non-connection of pain and hormones as just the day before I had thought: It must be the hormones. What do I talk about? My own – naturally very subjective – experience. I am beyond 60 years and had a supracervicular hysterectomy some 14 years ago. Since I started the course with you in January I applied very successfully your treatment suggestions; whenever a relapse of a former (long existing) tendonitis seemed to appear or headaches approached I could tackle them with very good results. I failed, though, in what appears about every 4-6 weeks (not totally regular): Tense swollen sensitive belly, sometimes cramps, low back pain, nasty headache always several days in a row (sometimes combined with the expressed feedback from my husband about mood shifts on my side). Almost all of the symptoms that I experienced during very painful menstruations for more than 30 years. When all of that started on Tuesday morning (still continuing) I thought (once again) as I already wrote: It must be the hormones! And then came your statements yesterday with your argument that there is no scientific evidence for it, Alicia. I wonder whether it still is true – or what is happening here? One more information: Pain killers rarely helped during menstruations, but drinking espresso/cappuccino and relaxing at home often gave and still often give me relief from the headaches after a while – at least for a while. (A hint for a mind body process?)
    I am not so eager to present my own case but it really gives me a lot to think about and knowing that clear recognition and interpretation of the own condition is extremely difficult I am very interested in hearing your opinions and ideas…also from the group, of course.
    Hoping for some feedback, insight and enlightenment, best regards Beatrice


    Thank you for sharing Beatrice.
    The hormone/symptom connection is so interesting – such an incredibly strong cultural belief to say the least.
    I wonder if the hormonal changes in one’s body (like in a menstruating woman) become a conditioned learned response when that is happening. And now for you with the ongoing cycling of your symptoms, likely those are happening from your brains’ pathways that are stuck in place. In menopause there is no longer the cycle of hormones, so at this point that couldn’t be the source of the symptoms.


    Thank you, Becca, for your opinion. Best regards, Beatrice

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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