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David SchwarzDavid Schwarz

Personally, I would market to them for sure as well as any trauma surgeons. I would not worry about giving any caveats. Some people have a faster healing response. Simple amputations can heal pretty quickly with complex trauma along with comorbidities such as diabetes and infection taking a much longer time. All of these people may benefit though. I was more trying to say what is easiest to differentiate. I took a look at the introductions page and see your are a psychologist. When I worked with a lot of people post amputation, I always worked to get them to psychotherapy services to process the trauma/grief more than what I have the time for as a physical therapist (I listen and coach but also have to assess their skin, gait, transfers, and other functional movements as well as education and training, which I work hard at trying to do some of these every session to decrease the likelihood of adverse problems. ). Plus, most PTs do not have the skill or mindset to work with people outside of pathoanatomical issues. It also can take a long time for some of these patients to commit to more treatment so hearing the option early and often in their recovery can be quite helpful. I hope that perspective helps!