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Hi everyone – I’ve enjoyed our discussions in class and on the forum and I’m finally getting around to introducing myself here. I’m Aaron Olden, MD working out of Rochester, NY. I trained in Internal Medicine and Palliative /Care Hospice and for the first 10 or so years of my career I worked as an inpatient palliative care/hospice consultant. I really enjoyed it but I reached a state of burnout and started having physical symptoms along with anxiety and depression. I developed a lump in my throat and thought I had a terminal illness. I worked with a great therapist and although she was not trained in EAET, it is now clear to me that my physical symptoms were a manifestation of unexpressed anger and probably other emotions as well. Part of my healing process also involved acupuncture. About five years ago I made the decision to leave hospice/palliative care and I took a course in medical acupuncture. I opened my private practice of acupuncture and mind-body medicine and first heard of Howard through a course I took on mind-body therapies here in Rochester. I use acupuncture primarily as a way to get my patients to connect with their bodies in a different way and I add in emotional awareness therapy, mindfulness, breathwork, etc… as needed. I’ve enjoyed networking with others who are doing this work and look forward to continuing to learn together! If you are interested in connecting on social media I post about my work on Instagram at @mindfulmedroc .