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Lilia Graue, MDLilia Graue, MD

Hi everyone! Thank you for starting this thread Dawn 🙂 It’s wonderful to get to know you all a little bit more.

I’m Lilia Graue, physician, psychotherapist, educator and coach in Mexico City, where I’ve practiced for over 20 years in the fields of mental health, eating disorders, and medical family therapy, as well as in medical education. I currently have a private mind-body medicine practice, and offer bodymind (re)learning for wellbeing and ease coaching for people around the world in English and Spanish. Most of the people I support experience anxiety, depression, chronic primary pain / symptoms, struggles with food and body, and complex trauma. I’m also a medical advisor for The Better Mind Center in LA and offer training and mentoring for healthcare professionals.

In 2020 I found Curable and recovered from a chronic back pain process that started with an injury, involved 3 surgeries and lasted almost 10 years. Since recovering, I’ve trained in PRT, EAET, Explain Pain (NOI), ISTDP, and Freedom from Chronic Pain, and have become a certified SSP (Safe and Sound Protocol) provider. Like Karin, I’d done some training in mindbody medicine several years ago through the Harvard group, and I am still astounded that the program didn’t include anything about nociplastic pain, specifically about the possibility of recovery. Before Curable, everything I’d found as both a patient and provider in the mindbody field was for pain management, not pain recovery, and this shift has been life changing for me.

These days I’m geeking out on the sciences of complexity, culturally bound syndromes, different understandings for the experience of persistent pain and other symptoms, and the search for language that describes the embodied experience and emphasizes the oneness and interconnectedness of our bodymind and our ability to adapt and heal through intentional practices including mindfulness and different forms of somatic awareness.

I live with my partner and our three cats, and love baking, making sourdough, swimming, reading, traveling, being in nature, and Sundays at the Philharmonic.