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Thanks so much, Brindi and Karin, for being here with us and introducing yourselves!!
It just warms my heart to have other professionals find this work and begin to figure out ways to practicing it.
We need all the help we can get and we need to stick together!!

We are in the process of revamping the PPDA, Psychophysiologic Disorders Association, to make it a full-fledged working professional organization that hopefully we can all belong to. We will begin to charge dues, have a fully updated roster of members, have both virtual and in-person meetings, develop special interest groups and regional chapters, etc. We will serve as a clearinghouse for trainings, workshops and lectures, and clinical programs (both online and in person).

I am very excited about all of the developments we are seeing. Last week, Alan Gordon told me that he was listening to a podcast interview done by the Australian pain expert, Lorimer Moseley (who I quote in my book and has done a ton of great work in the area of pain and the brain). Lorimer mentioned the Boulder back pain study and PRT several times! This is a shift for him. His work has centered on pain neuroscience education. However, his recent studies have not found that this approach by itself has worked to reduce pain. So, maybe he’s moving more in our direction! 😉

Best, Howards