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Great questions here. We don’t really have all the answers to them though. Alicia has done some work in lower SES populations, but most of my work has been from self-referrals of folks who are already familiar with these concepts.

We did do a pilot study of this work in Las Vegas through United health care insurance company and we did find that it was more difficult to implement these ideas right away. People had a fair amount of other issues, such as life issues that often needed addressing (low economic resources, family issues, job issues, etc.). That seemed to be the most important obstacles. The amount of trauma varies greatly from person to person and we found that we could work with the trauma over time, although we usually did not address that right away.

As far as regulation type work (what a lot of people call calming the nervous system with general approaches, such as breath work, mindfulness, PVT type of work), that can certainly be useful and is often a great way to begin the work, especially when working on explaining the concepts, getting buy in, investigating for evidence of MBS over time; before going into the PRT or EAET work.

Best, Howard