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Hello all! My name is Brindi Streufert, PsyD, a licensed clinical psychologist. I’ve spent the entirety of my career in primary care psychology, practicing in the Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) model of embedded, consultative care to physicians and midlevel medical providers. I never wanted to touch chronic pain with a 10 foot pole (maybe I realized that CBT wasn’t particularly helpful?), but as I sought to be more helpful to my providers in how they treated their patients, I noticed chronic pain patients were particularly difficult, time-consuming, and emotionally draining for them. Around the same time I became aware of Dr. David Clarke through his presentations at our professional association (CFHA) conferences and was particularly intrigued. I discovered the PPD Association website and attended their first conference. I was particularly intrigued by journaling (specifically JournalSpeak) as a form of emotional expression and began using with my patients with good progress, then began to dive into this work. I have been certified in PRT and taken Dr. Schubiner’s Freedom From Chronic Pain and EAET classes. I got out of corporate healthcare in 2020 and began working as a therapist for an online platform. I am now in the process of starting a private practice and would like to specialize in this work (thus the request for a lit summary I can use in marketing). Along the way, I have used what I’ve learned to cure my own chronic neck and back pain stemming from a car accident when I was 17 and ankle pain stemming from another car accident in 2017 (neither of which were my fault – I’m not that bad of a driver!). I’m located in Nebraska but also licensed in the state of Tennessee.