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hello! I am Karin Lee Hughes MD. I trained in family medicine, and palliative/hospice medicine in Salt Lake City Utah. I practiced primarily hospice for about 20 years , primarily doing home visits/working with comprehensive symptom management/whole person care in the setting of a team. I loved the work because I could use a full spectrum of tools (not just medications). I experienced trauma in my personal life early in my career which led to postpartum depression and other complications. I have been on a journey of healing and growth. The journey has involved a lot of exploration and training in yoga, Reiki, relaxation response/meditation and psychotherapy. I started to train specifically in mindfulness based somatic therapy and post traumatic growth somatic therapy the last 4-5 years and opened my own practice on a limited basis in 2019. The last year has been a bigger transition away from hospice and solely working with clients with anxiety/depression/trauma/mind body disorders such as chronic pain. My current setting is in a behavioral health clinic with psychologists and therapists; I also teach resiliency for professional caregivers in our community. I have attempted to work with physicians in our community on resilience too but have not gotten much traction. I have experienced some neural circuit pain issues (tendinitis) in the past that have resolved with psychotherapy/health boundary setting and limiting the amount of vicarious trauma/job related stresses. I have been interested in this field for many years but only recently found the PPD/TMS group in the last year. I had done some training several years ago through the Harvard mind body group and shadowed a lovely physician who has since retired in Salt Lake City when I lived there. I currently live in Western Colorado. I’m enjoying the community and the training!