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David SchwarzDavid Schwarz

Unfortunately, I missed yesterday. I look forward to watching the video. Cognitive functional therapy does have some interesting elements that still need teasing out. I see the same thing with acceptance and commitment therapy base models of care in physical therapy and rehabilitation services. One substantial element that is missing it seems is that of positive psychology. I do not think physical therapists are very good at this. I am currently writing up a national survey on physical therapist knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behavior related to functional neurological disorders. It has been interesting to see some of the perspectives and the variety of practice. The document that it is based on is unfortunately flawed in my opinion, but it is what the profession has. I believe that the understanding of functional neurological disorders and the treatment of people who have them has a long way to go. There are some good ideas coming out of the UK on functional neurological disorders however the research in general especially the United States is very limited. Fortunately for me this creates a lot of opportunity for my dissertation.