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I too think that these introductions are a great idea. Not surprising to find a common theme of a chronic pain history among course participants. That includes me. I have worked in full service family practice (and latterly as a hospitalist) for about 35 years, working on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada. Leading up to 2009, I developed unexplained profound hearing loss and MSK pain (not at once!), the latter variably diagnosed as gout, pseudogout, PMR and psoriatic arthritis. While working and since I retired about 10 years ago, I have exhausted conventional treatment. Since discovering John Sarno, Howard Schubiner and the Curable group (I attended the 12 week boot camp), I am making gains in my recovery and will continue taking the steps to cure this. I would be curious about working part time with MBS patients later. I have found the journey humbling, fascinating and compelling. This has taught me about a huge deficiency/ blind spot but also an amazing opportunity in modern medical practice.