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So glad this feed got started for introductions! My name is Rachel Hollander. I am an MD and have an MPH. I practiced family medicine for 10 years and developed repetitive motion arm pain bilaterally a year into full-time practice in Santa Cruz, California. I associated it with computer use at work and went down and down on my work hours over the years, but finally couldn’t continue working at all because of it October 2021. I saw about 15 different types of practitioners since the onset of my pain. Leaving work suddenly dealt a huge blow to my identity as a doctor and I developed additional Mind-Body symptoms including PVCs and Globus sensation leading to almost a 15 pound weight loss. All testing benign. I moved to Little Rock Arkansas to help my aging parents and in September 2022, I met someone who mentioned Dr. Sarno which led me to Dr. Schubiner’s unlearn your pain website. I watched his four free 15 minute videos and my pain was gone 80% the next day. It was gone completely after three weeks. Ironically, a lot of my burn out with doctoring related to not feeling I was healing people with chronic pain and mind-Body symptoms by managing opiates and ordering endless testing, while patients returned even more frustrated and in pain. The pandemic didn’t help stress levels of course. I’ve been reading voraciously on Mind-Body topics and am contemplating how to return to a practice that engages this. However, I see that convincing patients (and practitioners!) on this paradigm is difficult as I have seen with talking to numerous friends and family about such issues. I appreciate hearing all your stories and questions during this course. Rachel