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It’s very nice to connect with others in this world! I am a family medicine physician in Portland Oregon. I had been curious about these ideas for years with noticing (like most other clinicians) the triad of ‘medically unexplained symptoms’, mental health diagnoses and a history of trauma. Yet sending these patients to mental health never worked. It became an intense search for me to find other answers as to how we could help patients better. Fortunately a good friend of mine from medical school said to me ‘I send my chronic pain patients to Howard Schubiner and he fixes them’. Since then, I have tried to learn everything about this that I can. I work at Kaiser Permanente and was fortunate to get a bit of clinical time in the integrative clinic there where I worked under the radar screen and just tried all of these things out. I’ve been working to try to spread the ideas throughout our system and incorporate them in a broader way. I am the lead of the long Covid specialty clinic in our region and use these techniques with long Covid patients as well.