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Olof SkogbergOlof Skogberg

Hi all,

Thank you so much for a good initiative! I am Olof Skogberg, MD, specialist within rehabilitation medicine, working as a physician at a Pain and rehabilitation Centre in Linköping, Sweden.

Unfortunately I have chronic pain of my own after a car crash (92) and got interested of pain reprocessing therapy after attending a research conference in Dublin 2022 (EFIC). I have attended a 12-week curable group as a patient which has been very interesting and helpful. During the group sessions I got to meet Dr. Batson which was very helpful for me. Thank you so much! Thank you also for informing about OvidDX. I am very grateful to be able to learn more in this format.

Im working part-time and at the moment I do not work with patients since I am focusing on research as a PhD student with a project regarding physical activity and chronic pain.

OvidDX is an investment for myself but I am sure I will be able to use the knowledge in my work both as a researcher and a clinician in the future. At the moment however I am not able to help patients and I ask you kindly not to refer patients to me.