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hi Lilia
YOu are providing such comprehensive wrap around care of your patient and family! Just your attention/care to all those details I’m sure is making a big difference. I think managing our own expectations is important and reassessing their goals of the “therapy/treatment” in this population particularly.-
The only other things i can think of would be: 1- the more we can support the family to feel calm/regulated around their loved one, that seems to be very therapeutic for these individuals and the family unit. Sometimes I/we end up working primarily with the family members to be more regulated and that can make all the difference for the patient. 2- Helping to teach the patient the skill of “savoring”(5 senses or a view, awe, etc), “Taking in the good” and staying with neutral or positive sensations in the body for 10-15 seconds at a time also has been very effective for one of my patient’s with cognitive decline. (RIck Hanson, PhD’s work primarily but also from Post Traumatic Growth Somatic therapy/mindfulness based somatic therapy). If they can learn to stay with positive sensations/experiences or if the family can direct them to stay with experiences longer, I find the nervous system gets more regulated/more safety is felt in the body/mind and the danger alarm is turned down. If you want to discuss more please email me happy to explore more thanks Karin