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Hi Lilia.
It’s so good of you to post such a simple and straightforward case!! 🙂

Clearly, this will be very challenging, but you are absolutely doing the right thing by engaging her family and helping her to have more social activities and happiness in her life. I think you can also engage her family to help you and her to see that her pain will be less when she’s engaged and busy and happy; and her pain will be worse at other times.

When you talk about difficult issues and the pain recurs, that is about a good an educational process as you can have. And, I would continue to help her see that. But if that doesn’t help her to see this, then she is probably not going to see it, at age 82 and with some cognitive decline. You are helping her, but you may not help her deal with the pain. Have you done any EAET work with her at all?

Best, Howard