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I really enjoy the course so far as it opens my view to the complexity of pain and other symptoms that I often see in my daily practice.

Although this approach really resonate with me, I have some questions regarding your scientific work.
– From the RCT study for EAET (Emotion Awareness and Expression Therapy) for fibromyalgia, it it highlighted that 34.8% achived above 50% improvement at six months follow up. But when I reviewed the result section, I saw that the mean scores on the outcomes measures did not differ tremendously from the control groups. My question is: Does these results mirror the improvements you see in fibromyalgia patients in your treatment outside the clinical trials? And do you have comments regarding why there is similarity between most of the outcome measures, but substantial difference in the amount who achived more than 50% improvement?

– In the low back pain study from 2021, were the results from the intervention group astonishing regarding pain and disability. I understand that the PRT (pain reprocessing therapy) intervention may differ from EAET. But do you see higher improvement rates in MBS patients where the pain manifests in one body region compered to more widespread (like fibromyalgia)?

(Please excuse my typos and grammatical errors. I have a condition called being Norwegian)